My Photograph on Look North!

I was working at North Shields Library a few years ago.
At the time I was keeping a blog, or an online diary as us old farts might say (I don’t like the word “blog”).
Anyway, I was regularly taking photo’s (apostrophe for photo*graph*s, not anything to do with a plural and a mistake: “photo” is the most common word to describe “technologically taken images” now, but the word is “photograph” which comes from the original process…………..I don’t know……..why do people insist on changing everything?).

One day at work, I heard a tapping noise on the skylight, I went to have a look, and there was a brilliant sight! I saw a pair of seagull’s feet, surrounded by bird poop (guano), but it looked really funny, so I took a quick photograph of it.

People said I should send it in to “Look North” our regional TV News show, so I did.

I didn’t think they’d ever show it, but look below 😀

I was ‘well chuffed!’ (very happy)


ChinaGraphic. Clickable video link

birdy feet

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