Latest Focaccia (best)

This bread was nice and soft, with a great taste and it makes heavenly toast!
The main difference between this and my other ones, is I only used milk for this one; no water.
It had a strange yellow tinge. I don’t know if it came from the olive oil or the cheese – I suspect the cheese.

To make two loaves
1400g marriages strong white
1000g semi skimmed milk
24g fresh yeast
33g organic salt
Rockford blue cheese
Olive oil

Rub: cumin, coriander, salt, pepper, 2 cloves, 2 cardamon, 2 dry birds eye chilies
Olive oil

Midnight mix, added milk to loosen dough to my consistency.
(Actually added a bit flour because it was too wet when I was developing the gluten).
Left in an airtight box overnight.

Divided the dough into two. Fairly lightly squished the bubbles out – intentionally leaving some in – tightly formed the dough, making sure it was well stuck together.
Placed on oiled and floured tray (one still fuckin stuck a bit, I think because I picked off something from the tray and only put flour down, instead of oil and flour).

Rubbed in oil, covered with cling film. Made the spice rub, rubbed it over.

Left until risen quite a lot – a few hours, then poked holes for the filling of garlic and cheese.

Gently squished it down in the middle, to try to get a more even final shape.

Covered again, let rise.

Preheat oven on full GM9, (250c I think) spray oven and bake for 5, high up. Turn, spray bake for 5.
Lower heat to GM6 spray, and bake 15 mins, turn spray and bake 15m.

Take out of tray, put on rack in oven. Spray and turn 3 x 5 minutes.

Done. Cool – covered with tea towel – on wire cooling rack.

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