Slight Change in Focaccia Mix

700g Marriages Strong Flour
500g Semi-skimmed milk
(added about 50ml water to loosen to my feel)
16.5g Salt
(new change: tastes nice, and possibly aids toasting)
12g yeast

Spice Rub
Cumin seeds
Coriander seeds
salt n pepper

“Crunchy Cheddar”

The bread was mixed and kneaded instantly – no long ferment.
The dough was left to double in size, which took about 8 hours at room temperature (roughly 15c).

I formed and allowed the dough to rise again, I shape them like loaves of bread, then pull the edges into the centre making sure they stick, to aid the rise.
As time passes, they fall a bit, but I also squash them down, and poke the holes in them for later. In time it gets relaxed enough to make into a focaccia shape.

The chopped rosemary can’t stay on the surface, because it burns and falls off. It doesn’t add anything to the bread.

I heat the oven on full, to 240/250 c
Spray the oven, and put the dough in for 5 minutes, before turning and spraying again, for a further 5 minute bake.
Then I turn the oven down to gas mark 6, and turn, spray and bake for 15 minutes. Then turn spray and bake for another 15 minutes.
Then I take it off the tray, and place it on the bare rack to bake for a further 5 minutes before a turn.
I do this three times.
Spraying is at my discretion because I’m trying to finish the bake,
so I don’t want much extra moisture in there at that time.

I then cover on a wire cooling rack, with a tea towel and leave to cool almost entirely (as much as I can wait, anyway).

This bread was delicious, and a welcome return to form after two disasters; back to back.

I feel my disasters were because I’d left them to ferment for a few days, and I think the yeast had eaten all of the “food” in the dough. Resulting in a very poor rise.

I think if I want that extra taste from a long ferment, I’ll have to either ferment it in the fridge, or add a small amount of yeast in a very wet mix, then when the time comes to make the dough, I’ll add the rest of the yeast, and the rest of the flour.

But that’s just a little bit too much fucking around for me at the moment.

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