Stilton and Garlic Focaccia

700g Marriages’ Strong White Flour
500g Semi-skimmed milk
12g Fresh Yeast
12g Salt
Lug of olive oil

Added a touch of water, to get the feel I wanted (still was a bit much moisture, I used Gilchester’s Organic White, to form with, it’s very “thirsty” spelt flour).

24 hour fermentation, formed, folded, covered in olive oil.
Tray’s had spice mix and rosemary/garlic on them, along with a dusting of flour.

Spice mix:
Cumin, coriander, salt, pepper, clove, cardamon, chili.

Pushed in rough chopped garlic, which is burnt but actually tastes nice.

Oven heated on full (240/250c)
Flat baking tray left in to heat up
Spray with water
5 minutes, turn and another 5 minutes at the top of the oven –
Turn gas down to gas mark 6
Bake for 15 minutes, turn, bake another 15 minutes.
Take focaccia out of the tray, put the flat tray at the bottom of the oven or in the sink.
Heat the focaccia for 5 minutes, turn and heat for another 5 minutes to complete the bake.

Tap the bottom and if it’s baked, place on a cooling rack and cover with a tea towel.

Fooking lovely.

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