Focaccia new baking time

700g marriages flour
500g ss milk (add water if too dry. This mix was a bit wet, actually)
12g fresh yeast
12g salt
A dash of olive oil

Roughly 24 hour fermentation.

Spray water with every turn.

Oven full heat (240°) 5 minutes on 2nd from top shelf, turn then bake another 5 minutes .
Lower the oven temperature to GM6 and bake for 15 minutes, turn then another 15 minutes.
Take bread off tray then bake on the rack for 5 minutes and turn.

Repeat the 5 minutes and turn until it’s baked.
Stilton cheese
Roast garlic
Black olive
Rosemary (chopped in oil)

Spice Rub
Freshly ground cumin, coriander, salt, pepper, clove, cardamon, chili and coffee

I’d also put capers in, but they got burnt at the top, and were fucking horrible.

No real need to roast the garlic.

A bit less fluid and it’ll be perfect.

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