New focaccia experiment

Fucked it up.
Well pissed off.

I think I just didn’t let it rise for long enough.

I won’t know until I try again.

It took a long time to bake – 1hr 10 minutes. 9 minutes out of the tray. (Turning every 20 minutes, and spraying with every turn).
But it wasn’t much more than an inch high – fuckin’ shit.

I think I like my forming method, it seems to help with the rise and the final shape.

For experimentation’s sake, I think I’ll do it again this way, with the dough flat in the tray, and I’ll let it rise like a bastard. I don’t think it’ll work though.

I might have to try making and forming it in exactly the way as I normally do, and once it’s really risen in the top of the oven, take it down to the middle shelf, to allow more time to bake it thoroughly.

This mix is really nice, the dough is lovely and soft, but I need that wonderful rise, and to ensure it’s baked thoroughly.

Only then will I be satisfied with it.

But for now, I’m upset and fucked off.

    700g marriages flour
    500g ss milk
    12g yeast
    12g salt
    Dash olive oil

    Tiny sprinkle of flour and sugar on the yeast.

    Roughly mixed and left at room temperature overnight.
    Kneaded the next morning.
    Let prove until doubled (few hours at about 10°).

    Then pushed bubbles out, and roughly formed a flat rectangle to put in the tray.

    I normally form the dough like a loaf, then let it relax out to the rectangular shape of focaccia. This time I wanted to see if I could skip that step.

    Let rise to about an inch high, maybe could have waited longer.

    Gm6 205°. Middle shelf. 20 minutes turn each way.
    Sprayed oven 6 times as bread went in.

    My hope is to bake it slower and cooler, for longer. As the last one wasn’t baked in the centre.

    I like the 100% milk recipe, but I think that I’ve been baking it too hot, for too short of a time, which has left a little bit of a stodgy feel to it. And I hate that.

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