Latest Focaccia

The bread came out very well, lovely and soft but also under baked.
I think I’ll use the middle shelf, gas mark 6 for 20 minutes then rotate for another 20 minutes. Then bake off the tray for 5 minutes, check it and maybe another 5 minutes if it’s not sounding hollow enough.

If I want a darker crust, I can move it higher up (or maybe turn the oven up).

I think it’ll be worth buying an oven thermometer as well, because I do not trust that oven, the flames seem to go up and down.

So: encouraging, and I like the milk and oil mix.

I also think it’s worth lying the dough out flat, instead of treating/forming it like a loaf.


Although I’m happy with the old recipe, I’d like to improve on it.
I want the crumb to be softer, so I’m using all milk, instead of milk and water. And I’ve added olive oil.

Ingredients weights are approximate.

700g marriages sbf
12g salt
12g yeast
500g ss milk (I added about 100g more, because the mix was too dry)

I actually made a three loaf batch…. Not sure why. Because I give it away and I’m presuming it will work.

Just to be concise, the yeast was allowed to defrost on its own, and I added the smallest amount of flour and sugar, to feed it (I thought it would be hungry)


I’ve just mixed it, and left it covered up. I forgot to heat the milk up.

In the future, it’ll be worth using full fat milk to see if it makes a difference (and cutting out the olive oil).

The purpose of fat/oil in bread, is to – I think – shorten the gluten strands, and make the bread softer (why it’s called shortening).

So, as the mix is cold, I’ll just let it sit there, absorbing the moisture from the milk, autolysing. And I’ll look at it later.

I can’t be arsed at the minute.


I left it for a few hours, then kneaded it in two lots (chest still hurts a bit from gym injury).
Hoyed them back in the fermentation bucket with the lid on, and I’ll just let them sit there. Probably until tomorrow now.

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