Latest Focaccia

700g Marriages’ Strong Bread Flour
320g tepid water
200g tepid milk
12g fresh yeast
12g salt

I didn’t use all of the water, I used my senses to feel when the mix was “right”. I did use all of the milk though, because I wanted the fat in it.

This time I think I dropped a bollock: I used the microwave to defrost the yeast. Even though the mix was lovely and warm, it took all night to rise. So either the room was just too cold, or the microwave killed some yeast.

Anyhow, it worked, and it seems to be rising again.

This time I’ve put vegetable oil in the trays, with chopped rosemary, salt, pepper, chilli, and cumin (I’ve run out of olive oil).

I also rubbed rosemary on the top, and sprinkled the ground spice mix on top.
(Always put the herbs in oil first, apparently it preserves the taste).

I weighed/divided the dough into two. Formed both, pressed out the (majority of the) bubbles, put them in the trays and covered with cling film. Before the full rise, I dip my fingers in warm water and from the larger middle, I push in the holes, and try to pull/form the flat rectangular shape that a focaccia is known for.

This ensures a good even rise final pretty-ish shape. I’ll have to try just plopping it in the trays to see what happens.

I’m not fond of overly wet doughs, I don’t like the texture of the baked bread (it’s like plastic).

So, rise…. Gas mark 7… Hot oven with baking tray already in, heating up.
15 minutes, turn, 15 minutes. Take out the tray and bake for ….. Try 8 minutes, but turn after 4.

Should be sweet as a nut 😀


Maybe bake at a slightly lower temperature to get less of a dark crust (I like it though).
Would be good to bake both at the same time, so the second one doesn’t rise to the point of falling over the edge. Either that or keep it cool).
There were no problems at all with rising, so I have to assume that microwaving the frozen yeast, didn’t kill it. I’ll try it again next time, but without microwaving. See if that speeds up the first prove. An overnight prove is good for taste anyway, but it’s nice to know how it will perform).

Haven’t cut it yet, it’s cooling down (covered on a wire rack) but it seems lovely and light. And lovely and soft).

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