First Sourdough (kind of)

Aside from a couple of failed attempts at Chris’s house, this is my first successful sourdough starter!

Apparently, you have to name your sourdough; it’s tradition.
I’m going to call him: “Benjamin” 😀 hehehe no idea why.



It smells kind of cheesy, and creamy.

I mixed a ratio of 1:1 = 50g Marriages Organic Flour, 50g filtered water (from my filter bottle).

I left it for 48 hours, nearly forgot about it then checked it today to see that yeast was forming very nicely!

So today, I took out half of the mixure (50g) and replaced it with 25g flour and 25g water. It’s bubbling away nicely at the moment.

I’ve been doing a lot of baking recently, so I wonder if there is a lot of yeast in the atmosphere.

It might not work, it might go too alcoholic etc, but we’ll see! It’s exciting to think that I could make bread with natural yeast. I wasn’t going to go down the sourdough road, but it’s working so I’m away now.

Let’s see what happens.

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