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Best Dough mix, yet!




I used

700g Marriages’ Strong Bread Flour
320g tepid water
200g tepid milk
12g fresh yeast
12g salt

This mix of dough was the best that I’ve done, yet.

From the beginning it came together, tremendously well.

I defrosted the (new, from the internet) yeast, in 40g of warm water.

I obviously deducted that from the rest of the water.

Keeping everything warm, and kneading it straight away (Bertinet method). It proved in its own time, covered in a bowl on the bench. A few hours.

I shaped it into a rough rectangle, and let it sit, rubbed both sides in olive oil, covered with plastic on the oiled baking tray. And allowed to rise again.

Now and then I gently pushed it into the corners a bit.

The oven had been pre-heated on GM6.

I sprayed the oven to create steam.

Again in the middle of the oven, I baked for 15 minutes, turned then baked a further 15 minutes. The focaccia had a bit of water sprayed on it –

I’d seasoned the top, before spraying as well.

After the 30 minutes, I took the bread out of the tray, and baked it for a further 5 minutes on the rack. This gives a nice bottom.

And who doesn’t like a nice bottom?


I let it cool down on a wire cooling rack, and covered the bread with a tea towel, to let the escaping steam, go back into the bread.

It’s beautiful actually.

Toasted, it’s divine.

A big thumbs up! At last.

It’ll be a great all round dough: buns, loaf, focaccias.

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