Gone back to Milk n Water: Focaccia

OK so this one was much closer to what I want.




Reduce the water, and use the following recipe next:
700g Marriages’ Strong Bread Flour
320g tepid water
200g tepid milk
12g fresh yeast
12g salt


700g “Marriages'” Strong bread flour
350g tepid water
200g tepid milk
12g fresh yeast
11g salt

It’s rising as I type, so I’ll just say that I thought the mix was a tad wet (I’ll reduce the water, if it is.

It came together really nicely, and proved well. I think I prefer to knead it straight away, instead of being a lazy shite and letting it “autolyse” overnight in the cold. I don’t taste any benefit from the overnight autolyse.

I’m pre-heating the oven on GM 6, baking 15 minutes then turning, then 5 minutes out the tray.

I’m also spraying water into the oven just as I put the bread in.

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