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Focaccia experiment

The last one left me feeling disappointingly underwhelmed.

This time i want to make one with no oil, and let it prove for longer than i normally would.

Because i left out the oil, i added 8g more water.

700g sbf
485g water
12g fresh yeast
6g salt (needs more)

If this one turns out shit, I’m going back to using milk

However, Dario told me that he gave customers my second last focaccia (including a picky Italian guy) and everybody thought it was lovely.

Me personally, I’m pissed off with it because I’m not getting what i want.

I’m interested to see how far i can push this dough before it collapses.

The last one tasted stodgy, and that’s a sign of not rising enough. I’m also going to buy a water spray bottle, to mist the oven before i put the bread in.

I need the crust to develop slowly so it doesn’t halt the rise

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