Worse Things Happen at Sea. Idiom

This just means “the situation isn’t that bad, it could be worse”.

“The library was shut, and I couldn’t check my emails. Now my new girlfriend will think that I’m ignoring her, and I’m not!!”

“Don’t worry, worse things happen at sea, text her instead”.

This reminds me of a silly saying, that’s actually true in some strange cases: “Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen!”.

This doesn’t work with me, mistreat me and your arse will be out the door before you know what’s happened.


Sometimes you look back on your past life, and you wonder what on earth you were thinking, to allow someone to treat you in such an unreasonable manner.

I suppose at the time I thought if I lost her, I’d never find anyone else.

Oh silly Craig, let me whisper in your ear hehehehe

Hmm this reminds me of another saying, “kick him/her to the curb” that means leave them.

“Chuck it back in the water!” (or as it would sound from people in Newcastle, “hoy it in tha watta!!” hehehe)

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