Oh great :/ sarcasm

I think I’m getting hay fever already.

Just what I need.

Well, today was nice anyway: I had two lessons, one in China and one in Russia.

I enjoyed both lessons, as I always do. Next time I’ll shut up for longer in Max’s lesson, I don’t always give him enough space to speak I don’t think.

In between lessons I worked on changing the front of my website (and this blog), it wasn’t that I didn’t like the old one, I really did; but I thought that I could improve it.

I also wanted to see how quickly I could change it.

I made a little sketch last night in Photoshop, and like all good creative things, it just came out of me like one big golden “plop”. Hehe

I thought, “hmmm I could make a background image/color fade jpg, at about 2268pm high 1px wide that would load instantly, repeat it horizontally and get a prettier background that gave more flavour to the site.

I moved the Header graphic up to the middle, and made a new graphic all together with wonky curved edges.

Shrunk Mitten, and drew a little line in cream around her (the cream of the site comes from her favourite kitty milk).

I kept the text boxes as they were, but added some div padding.

I had to redo the testimony.jpg twice, because I can’t make transparent PNG’s, so I paint the so called transparent parts in the same colours as the backgrounds.

I made a new blog link, after listening to a Spanish woman on italki telling me that she didn’t think the blog link was obvious enough……………..it was fucking massive………..but I took her advice, she’s a user.

(A user of the site I mean, not of heroin, I dunno maybe that’s why she couldn’t see the link before, maybe sprinkling some “class-A” around the graphic would have alerted her to it’s big fat, glaringly obvious “I’m a blog!” presence?, “sniff sniff, what’s this? Crack??? Oooooh lovely crack I need it, how do I get it? Click on big blue blog sign…..” hehehe just kidding).


I got rid of the Webmoney “Craig is who he says he is” bollocks, and I’m one step away from getting rid of them all together.

Oh yes, I made a graphic for the “can’t see the video because internet explorer is crap?” link.

Internet explorer won’t show embedded videos from www.vimeo.com, so I won’t use internet explorer.

It’s not just that, IE won’t create curved edges in divs, it doesn’t recognise the “margin auto” command, and god knows what else.

In programming terms, it’s an arsehole.

So my site says, “please use a proper browser, or you may as well go away” and I provide people with the links for firefox and chrome.

Internet explorer is the Asperger’s boy of browsers. Ok I may be the Tourette’s boy of programmers hehehe YOUR DOG’S GOT TITS!! Sorry.


What was I saying? I don’t know, I can’t remember.

I’ve got a couple of lessons tomorrow, I’m teaching people in China and Russia at the moment, nowhere else.

After the lessons I think I’ll crack on with the “tomato/tuna rice video”. I took some nice video for that one.


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