Craig’s Vegetable Soup!

Here is a video that shows you how to make my vegetable soup.

It’s very easy to do, very cheap to make, and it tastes lovely; it’s very good for you too.

You don’t have to leave it at being a vegetable soup, you can add bacon, chorizo, chicken, tuna, whatever you like.

Sometimes I add a little bit of milk when I reheat it, sometimes I don’t!

It’s nice when you grate some Parmigiano (strong Italian cheese) on the top, and drizzle some olive oil over it. (You can add, salt, pepper and chilli if you like).

This one is a little on the thick side, just add a bit of water to the mix if this happens to yours.

Or you can add a little bit of milk when you want to eat a bowl full (quarter of a coffee cup/mug of milk, or less, per bowl)

ChinaGraphic. Clickable video link

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