Veggie Soup Video.

Hi 🙂

I’ve been editing the veggie soup video; it takes a while to type the transcriptions, and to “iron out” a few errors.
It should be up “by the end of play“, tomorrow/today (it’s 00:21 now).

I had two lessons today, both of them would have been great but Skype was misbehaving.

I spoke to Katya in Australia for the first time, she’s lovely: she reminds me of my brother’s girlfriend.

I finished watching Spartacus, with Chris and chased Mitten around the garden 🙂

I’ve got 2 lessons tomorrow, Beijing and Moscow, I’m looking forward to them.

Ok, goodnight, it’s past my bedtime 🙂

Iron out = fix small problems.
By the end of play = when something ends. It could be the end of a working day, say 17:30 or it could be midnight.

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