Lazy Day

I’m having something of a lazy day today.

I went to Newcastle ‘first thing’ for a drink (chocolate, I don’t drink alcohol much, certainly not at 09:45).

I like going to Pani’s early in the morning, say hello to friends and familiar faces, it’s nice; communal.

I got rather irritated by the window cleaner though, I noticed that he missed a smudge on one of the windows; I was dying to clean it off.

I came back to Chris’ and tried to edit my veggie soup video, but Mitten decided to sit on me and go to sleep.

They say that when a cat sleeps on you, they’re paying you the ultimate compliment; they’re at their most vulnerable and they trust you not to hurt them.

She lay there for hours but I’m not complaining!

I had a snooze too!! She makes the cutest little noises, like yawns and sighs: even listening to her breathing is a pleasure. Mr “I’ll never love a cat!” hahaha aye, right!

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