“Shits Happen”.(sic) (vulgar)

One of my lovely students (well all of them are lovely) said “shits happen!” and I had to explain why he couldn’t say it that way around.

Why can’t someone say “shits happen” when something goes wrong?

(Aside from it being a midrange vulgarity?)

Shit happens!” is what you say when somebody is sad about a situation, but the situation is normal and can’t be helped:

“My girlfriend left me because I was too fat and I snore like a pig!”
“Oh well Craig, shit happens, find another one.”
“Ok! Good idea”.

The obvious reasoning behind it, (pardon the pun) must be that multiple poops come out of one’s bottom at any given bowel movement 😀

So it does seem logical to say “shits happen!”, but it’s not the origin on the expression.

“Shit happens” is a replacement for “these things happen” or “things happen”.

This type of thinG……………………happenS

Queer how the “s” is the opposite of usual usage with pluralS (1 sock, 2 sockS)

this (type of thinG) happenS
These thingS happeN

Ohhh English, you’re like a Rubix Cube, the more I try to “do you” the harder you become 😀

I need a grammar expert to update my brain’s firmware 🙂

Hmm the “s” is nothing to do with singular or plural, it’s to do with showing action.


I think it’s the simple present form
Simple Present
More Simple Present

Here is a page I like very much, that explains grammar, excellently!
Grammar Experts!

I can’t do a rubix cube but hey………..shit happens!

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