What do you do?

Give conversational practice
Improve reading/listening skills
Help with pronunciation
(make you laugh)

How much do you charge?

8.00 per hour

How do I pay?

I (occasionally) write a blog, which explains colloquial speech, idioms, phrasal verbs etc; have a look!

Who are you?

My name is Craig Mansfield.
I live in the UK and I'm a native speaker.
I've been an English tutor since 2011,
working for italki.com and ontutor.net.

I now - very happily - work for myself.

Iffat Jahan Chowdhury, Bangladesh.

I found Craig as a helpful and friendly teacher.
I think I have chosen the best teacher for me.
I did not have the confidence to speak with a native speaker.
Also I felt so nervous to speak with someone whose native language is English.
He helped me as an ice-breaker.
Now I can communicate with a native speaker and can continue my conversation with confidence.
I am so grateful to Craig.

Alex, Russia.

The words but poorly convey my gratitude to you, my friend and teacher Craig. Unique and entertaining way of teaching.

Annie G, Mexico.

Thanks Craig, you are a great & funny teacher, I'm genuinely thankful to you.
I guess.... sorry...(hehe) I think I would definitely schedule more lessons, of course just for practising. Thanks a lot :))))

Flavio, Brazil.

Very good session, interesting for English students willing to know different British accents.

Slava, Russia.

I have a problem with internet connection, so we couldn't have a talk.
But Craig offered me to make a big 2 hours session on the next day! So I'm very grateful to him!
Wow! It was amazing 2-hours session!
And I tried to blow Craig's brain using some scientific terms!
Where is rate 6 for the lesson? Something like divine =)

Lia, Sardinia.

Thank you Craig for your considerable work, very useful to improve my speaking skill.
An enjoyable conversation as always. :)

Damir, Russia.

Thanks to you, my pronunciation is getting better!

Patrice, Canada (French Canadian).

This session was useful and extremely motivating. Craig is a natural teacher.